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A beautiful smile is built on the foundations of healthy teeth and gums and at Cat Hill Dental Practice we ensure that you have all your treatment options explained to you in a comfortable and relaxed environment to allow you to avail yourself of the most up-to-date general and cosmetic dentistry possible.




State of the art techniques are used routinely, be it for straightforward fillings or more complex crown and bridgework. You can be confident that from fixing a broken tooth to restoring gaps the full range of options will be discussed. Tooth coloured fillings are the in-demand option as people are no longer content with a mouth of silver teeth which show so badly in photographs. One or two visits can transform you appearance in comfort.


Unsightly gaps are often filed with dentures:- we know they are not the ideal solution from the point of view of comfort or confidence, therefore the options of bridges or implant retained crowns can be explained in detail. These are long-lasting solutions and restore appearance and function with no loss of confidence, allowing you to enjoy whatever your favourite food may be without fear of teeth moving.



Fresh Breath, Sparkling Smile, Healthy Gums

Your smile depends 100% on healthy gums and prevention of all dental diseases is considered important.

Our Hygienists will discuss with you techniques to keep your mouth in tip top condition, be it maintaining fresh breath, improving you brushing and flossing techniques or looking after crown, veneers, bridges or orthodontic appliances.



Children up to the age of 18 years are treated under the National Health System and we would encourage bringing your children to see us at the earliest possible age to begin the good habit of routine check ups and making them comfortable and familiar with the practice. Advice on diet and brushing are always given at each appointment and we will go along way to ensuring your child is happy to attend for whatever treatment is required. We refer patients to local Orthodontists, to ensure that if teeth do need straightening this is done under the care of suitably qualified specialists.

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